Test Graphical Application: Netbeans and Luke

何伟凯 weikai at isrc.iscas.ac.cn
Fri Oct 21 10:08:25 UTC 2022

Recently, basic functions of NetBeans and Luke have been tested. NetBeans is an IDE for Java development. Luke is the GUI tool for introspecting Lucene index.

## Version

Openjdk: 19-ea  https://builds.shipilev.net/openjdk-jdk/
Luke: 9.4.0  https://lucene.apache.org/core/downloads.html
NetBeans: 15.0  https://netbeans.apache.org/download/nb15/

## X forwarding

X forwarding can open a graphical applications in a remote machine and display it in your personal computer.
In the remote, package `xorg-x11-xauth` must be installed and sshd must enable X forwarding.
To enable X forwarding, switch `X11Forwarding` in `/etc/ssh/ssh_config` to yes and then restart sshd.
You also can search how to configure on the network[1].

The graphical application running in remote is considered a X client program, for X forwarding in SSH to work, your personal computer must be running an X server program.
X forwarding is enable by default in my system, `ssh -X` works directly. Configuration in other environment can reference to this article[2].

## Details

A java project has been created and run in the process of testing. In addition, some other functions are tested.
Picture: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/eikalida/pics/main/image-20221015155741043.png

When testing Luke, a simple index file is used. Luke is able to open the index file and inspect the index file successfully.
The index file can be generated by following demo in `docs/demo`.
Picture: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/eikalida/pics/main/image-20221016153444265.png

[1] https://ostechnix.com/how-to-configure-x11-forwarding-using-ssh-in-linux/
[2] https://kb.iu.edu/d/bdnt

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