Clarifying jmethodID Usage and Potential JVM Crashes

Jaroslav Bachorík jaroslav.bachorik at
Wed May 31 11:12:29 UTC 2023

Dear Team,

I've been investigating the unusual JVM crashes occurring in JVMTI calls on
a J9 JVM. During my investigation, I scrutinized the `jmethodID` definition
closely, available here: [jmethodID definition](

To paraphrase, the definition suggests that `jmethodID` identifies a Java
method, initializer, or constructor. These identifiers, once returned by
JVM TI functions and events, can be safely stored. However, when the class
is unloaded, they become invalid, rendering them unsuitable for use.

My interpretation is that the JVMTI user should verify the validity of a
`jmethodID` value before using it to prevent potential crashes. Would you
agree with this interpretation?

This sounds like a sensible requirement, but its practical application
remains unclear. As far as I know, methods can be unloaded concurrently to
the native code executing JVMTI functions. This introduces a potential race
condition where the JVM unloads the methods during the check->use flow,
making it only a partial solution. To complicate matters further, no method
exists to confirm whether a `jmethodID` is valid.

Theoretically, we could monitor the `CompiledMethodUnload` event to track
the validity state, creating a constantly expanding set of unloaded
`jmethodID` values or a bloom filter, if one does not care about few
potential false positives. This strategy, however, doesn't address the
potential race condition, and it could even exacerbate it due to possible
event delays. This delay might mistakenly validate a `jmethodID` value that
has already been unloaded, but for which the event hasn't been delivered

Honestly, I don't see a way to use `jmethodID` safely unless the code using
it suspends the entire JVM and doesn't resume until it's finished with that
`jmethodID`. Any other approach might lead to JVM crashes, as we've
observed with J9.

Lastly, it's noteworthy that Hotspot takes meticulous measures to ensure
that using jmethodIDs for unloaded methods doesn't crash the JVM and even
provides useful information. This observation has led me to question
whether the documentation aligns with the Hotspot implementation,
especially given that following closely the documentation appears to
increase the risk associated with the use of `jmethodID` values.

I welcome your thoughts and perspectives on this matter.

Best regards,

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