github does not support following history of file before a rename.

Phil Race philip.race at
Thu Dec 13 20:52:54 UTC 2018

When considering options for skara (eg githib vs gitlab), I found that 
does not provide a way to see the history of a file before a rename

I wasn't browsing anything to do with JDK on github, I was looking at
another library that we use and this isn't the first time I'd failed to find
a way to see the history before a rename. This time rather than assuming
I was missing something, I did a search and it turns out it is a much
requested but unimplemented feature, even though git + gitlab support it :

Given the number of renames we've done of JDK files I think this would
be highly desirable to ask to finally be implemented if we go for github


PS Seems this mailing list is very light ... I wasn't very sure if I had 
although my recollection was that I had at the outset ..

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