FYI, video of demo of in-progress Skara work

joe darcy joe.darcy at
Tue Oct 30 16:01:12 UTC 2018


Erik Duveblad and I gave a short demo of the in-progress Skara work at 
the Code One conference last week, with Robin Westberg making sure all 
the services were working. The demo starts at and runs for about four minutes. To 
summarize a few salient points, using a github mirror it is possible to 
initiate a pull request for a code change within the browser. It is 
possible to run bots that execute structural checks on the code change 
from the pull request; a jcheck bot to check the JDK whitespace rules is 
run in the demo. Bots can also check properties of the review workflow, 
such as if a capital-R reviewer is included or that the review has been 
open for a minimum period of time.

To emphasis a point made in the video, this is exploratory work and no 
vendor or solution has been definitively chosen.

We are working to publish the source code of the bots and other 
supporting software used in the demo and will send out notice when that 
is done.



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