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Robin Westberg robin.westberg at
Tue Apr 23 14:31:56 UTC 2019

Hi Sergey,

> On 23 Apr 2019, at 07:43, Sergey Bylokhov <Sergey.Bylokhov at> wrote:
> Hello, Robin.
> I checked my account and it is interesting that personal contribution statistics for openjdk/jdk and openjdk/client are different.
> For the openjdk/client I see the full history since 2011, but for openjdk/jdk the history starts in 2018. (this issues only affects the personal page, the list of commits in the "Contribution" tab in the project itself shows correct numbers)
> Before openjdk/client was added I thought the behavior of openjdk/jdk is intentional, but it looks like it can be tweaked.

Ah, that’s certainly interesting.. It’s not something configured intentionally at least, not sure what causes it. Looks like some GitHub index needs refreshing!

> BTW:
> - do we plan to support links to the reviewers from the commit in the same way as a reference to the author?
> <>

We have considered it, but so far it doesn’t seem quite worth it; as far as I know neither GitHub nor GitLab will parse the Reviewed-by trailer anyway, and it would increase the size of the message a fair amount as they would probably have to be split into one line per reviewer to follow existing conventions. But can certainly be considered further.

> - In some cases, formatting of the summary/description of the commit does not look good(we need to limit the length of the summary?):
> <>

Good point, I guess we don’t want to touch existing commit messages, but some sort of warning / error could be emitted when exceeding some threshold when creating new commits (I’ve seen recommendations of around 50 / 72 characters for a soft / hard limit).

Best regards,

> On 18/04/2019 07:00, Robin Westberg wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We have added some additional read-only mirrors of a few different OpenJDK project repositories to the group, feel free to try them out!
>> Best regards,
>> Robin & Erik
> -- 
> Best regards, Sergey.

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