Generate mercurial based webrevs from current git based jdk repo?

Jaikiran Pai jai.forums2013 at
Fri Mar 6 14:24:23 UTC 2020

I'm looking for inputs on whether the current state of git repos at [1]
can be used as a source for contributing to upstream mercurial backed
jdk repos. More specifically is the following workflow supported (and if
it is, what are the tools to use):

- Clone the openjdk/jdk repo

- Pick any issue or enhancement to contribute to and create a local
feature/bug-fix branch for it

- Work on the fix, commit it to that local git branch

- Use some (variation of webrev) tool which will then generate a
mercurial based patch comparing the local (git branch) against the
latest upstream jdk repo's master branch (either git or mercurial).
Upload this webrev to for reviews.

So far I've been only using mercurial repos and just creating commits
locally on top of the "default" branch and then using the webrev tool to
generate the webrevs. I would like to move to the git based repos if the
above workflow is supported through some tooling. Of course, if/when the
mercurial repos are moved to the git repos, we won't need the part where
the webrev generates a mercurial patch/webrev from the git repo, so this
is kind of stop-gap arrangement I am looking for.



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