Generate mercurial based webrevs from current git based jdk repo?

Jaikiran Pai jai.forums2013 at
Thu Mar 12 05:54:55 UTC 2020

Hello Erik,

On 11/03/20 9:50 pm, Erik Helin wrote:
> On 3/6/20 3:24 PM, Jaikiran Pai wrote:
>> I'm looking for inputs on whether the current state of git repos at [1]
>> can be used as a source for contributing to upstream mercurial backed
>> jdk repos. More specifically is the following workflow supported (and if
>> it is, what are the tools to use):
>> - Clone the openjdk/jdk repo
>> - Pick any issue or enhancement to contribute to and create a local
>> feature/bug-fix branch for it
>> - Work on the fix, commit it to that local git branch
>> - Use some (variation of webrev) tool which will then generate a
>> mercurial based patch comparing the local (git branch) against the
>> latest upstream jdk repo's master branch (either git or mercurial).
>> Upload this webrev to for reviews.
>> So far I've been only using mercurial repos and just creating commits
>> locally on top of the "default" branch and then using the webrev tool to
>> generate the webrevs. I would like to move to the git based repos if the
>> above workflow is supported through some tooling.
> Yep, it is :)
> If you want to use Git and the read-only jdk mirror on GitHub [0] then
> you need install the Skara CLI tools [1] to get the Git ports of
> webrev, defpath and jcheck (you can ignore the instructions about
> personal access tokens since you will only be using git-webrev,
> git-jcheck and git-defpath).
> Once you have installed the Skara CLI tools your workflow would look
> like the following to create a webrev and send it out for review:
> $ git clone jdk.git
> $ cd jdk.git
> $ git checkout -b JDK-8142314 # create a local branch for the issue
> $ # hack, hack
> $ git commit -m '8142314: A bugfix'
> $ git webrev
> $ # upload webrev to
This is really good to hear and in fact fits seamlessly with what my
workflow expectations were. I am much more used to git based workflows
(like this one) than mercurial, so I really appreciate the work that has
been put into making this work.

I'll setup the Skara tools and give this a try soon with some of the
patches that I plan to work on in the coming days.


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