Skara Workflow for Update releases

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at
Thu Oct 29 16:11:07 UTC 2020

Hi Erik,

> > now that project Skara has hit mainline OpenJDK for quite a while, I’m
> > starting to think more closely about how the workflow for backports and
> > update releases will be.
> >
> > I have lately recognized some activity in the Skara project to add
> > functionality for the backport scenario flying by. I also understand
> > that Yan and the folks maintaining 13u started using Skara already. I
> > have a few questions however.
> >
> > 1. About the workflow for backports: I have seen that you’ve added the
> > option “git pr create --backport REV”. So I take that this would be the
> > canonical way to do a backport from an upstream change. Is there also
> > support for cherry-picking changes from upstream via pure git and
> > creating a PR from the backport, such that the Skara bots will recognize
> > that the patch proposed is a backport?
> Yuri and the 13u people were kind enough to be the first JDK Updates to
> transition to Skara and they immediately found some issues. Fortunately
> we have now resolved almost all of them, I only have one or two left to fix.
> > 2. What’s the workflow for merging between repositories? E.g. in 11u, we
> > have 2 repos, one is jdk11u, the other is jdk11u-dev. We’re currently
> > merging those repos once in a while in either direction. How is this
> > supported by Skara? I guess I can add both remotes to my local
> > repository and then merge branches and create PRs. However, what’ll
> > happen then? Will the skara bots accept merging these branches (without
> > squashing). What kind of checking will be in place? Can you please shed
> > some light on how you imagine that process.
> >
> > I’m asking because I’d like to see Skara being used consistently, also
> > in JDK 11 Updates and I want to understand how far we’re away from that.
> ��
> You are very close :) I've just started documenting the intended
> workflow for backports, I will have more to share closer to the end of
> this week.

Eagerly looking forward to your update then ��


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