commits not associated with github user?

Anirvan Sarkar powers.anirvan at
Sat Oct 31 08:16:01 UTC 2020

 Hi Thomas,

I had also observed the same behaviour.
Then I noticed that OpenJDK commits are committed with OpenJDK email
address [1].
So I added my OpenJDK email address to GitHub email settings [2] and after
some days when I checked again, I found my commit was linked to my GitHub
user [3].

Can you add your OpenJDK email address in your GitHub settings and see if
it works for you?
If it works then we can ask the Skara team to add this step in the Wiki.


On Wed, 28 Oct 2020 at 19:40, Thomas Stüfe <thomas.stuefe at> wrote:

> Hi,
> a small question: I associated my OpenJDK user with my GitHub user as
> explained in [1]. But I still do not see my github user associated with
> commits in the OpenJDK, e.g. for
> It says my name, fully written, not clickable. Seems to be the case for
> many developers, but not all of them. For some, the commit is actually
> linked to the Github user.
> Did I miss some step somewhere when setting up my user?
> Thanks!
> Thomas
> [1]


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