git webrev doesn't include commit message and author info?

Jaikiran Pai jai.forums2013 at
Sun Sep 6 05:59:09 UTC 2020

I'm just getting used to the new scheme of things for contributing to
the jdk repo. I use (and would like to continue using) the webrev tool
to generate a webrev and then use the mailing lists to initiate a RFR. I
have been using the following command to generate the webrev:

 git webrev -o /tmp/webrev/8252767/2 -u jpai -c 8252767

The webrev gets generated successfully. I've uploaded it here for reference.
However, that generated patch file[1] doesn't include any of the commit
message or the author, which effectively means that, when I request a
review and a sponsor for this change, the sponsors won't be able to
"import" this patch and commit it on my behalf (unlike the mercurial
equivalent of webrev tool). The old webrev tool (for mercurial) used to
include that information in the generated patch/changeset. Here's one
such example from the old webrev tool against mercurial

FWIW, the actual commit in my git repo (on which this git webrev was
executed) can be found here



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