in quoted text of email reply vs in From field

Robin Westberg robin.westberg at
Sun Sep 6 09:14:31 UTC 2020

Hi Jaikiran,

> On 6 Sep 2020, at 11:09, Jaikiran Pai <jai.forums2013 at> wrote:
> Noticed a minor thing in the automated RFR messages from a pull request.
> When an initial RFR mail is sent from a PR, like this one[1], it uses a
> <openjdkid> for the From email address field. When the
> author of the PR then replies to the mail, a quoted text is included in
> the mail body, like here[2]. That quoted text (not the From field) uses
> <openjdkid> Is this an intentional difference between
> and usage?

Yeah, it’s intentional, the idea is that the RFR messages will be sent from the email address. However, this domain is still waiting for proper MX record configuration, which causes many receiving mail servers to reject such mails. So as a temporary measure, the sender domain is rewritten as just before the email is sent.

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> [1]
> [2]
> -Jaikiran

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