Some questions about PR commands

Erik Helin erik.helin at
Tue Sep 29 12:27:54 UTC 2020

On 9/24/20 9:36 AM, Thomas Stüfe wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have some questions about PR commands (I read
> which I
> believe is the correct documentation).
> - Can I invite specific reviewers? Since often a PR is the result of
> preliminary discussions, where before I would have cc'ed someone specific
> for the initial RFR mail.

No, we have an enhancement filed:

> - /test - is the test argument optional (square brackets seem to indicate
> that). If yes, what tests are executed by default?

Yes, by default tier1 is executed.

> - /label and /issue - are "add" and "remove" optional (square brackets seem
> to indicate that but examples don't). Is add the default?


> - Can I stack multiple commands? If yes, can they appear anywhere in a PR
> comment? Also in the PR body? What happens if I specify the same command
> multiple times, does the last win or do they accumulate?

Yes to all, the last command "wins". Only restriction is that you can't 
mix pull request commands and regular text in a comment and that the 
pull request commands must be last in the PR body.

> - Draft PR: which commands, if any, work in for draft PR? In particular,
> does /test work?

All commands work for draft PRs.

> - Finally, I see long running PRs use the "[Vx]" suffix in their PR names.
> Are these manually created or is there some tool support I missed for long
> running PRs?

The [Vx] suffix is added to the RFR e-mails whenever a pull request has 
been updated. Think of it as sending out a new webrev "revision", e.g. 
"please see webrev.02".


> Thank you!
> Thomas

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