Integrated: 80: Allow valid bug ID format to be configurable

Kevin Rushforth kcr at
Sat Jan 30 14:57:31 UTC 2021

JBS issue:

This provides a configuration option to define the pattern for a valid issue ID as follows. This starts with the idea @edvbld mentioned in PR #99, although I felt it was cleaner to leave the default issue format as is, and use the more restrictive pattern for the "legacy" jdk conf file.

The syntax of the new pattern is:

[checks "issues"]

The default pattern is:

[checks "issues"]
pattern=^(([A-Z][A-Z0-9]+-)?[0-9]+): (\S.*)$

For legacy JDK `.jcheck/conf` files, the pattern is as follows to match the issue ID rules in ``:

[checks "issues"]
pattern=^([124-8][0-9]{6}): (\S.*)$


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