GitHub/Mailing list communication defunct?

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at
Thu Jul 22 11:07:27 UTC 2021

Hi Tim and David,

thanks for fixing this. I guess it’s not too much of an issue that events were lost. But glad that it works again. ��

Best regards

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Subject: Re: GitHub/Mailing list communication defunct?

just recognized that all of a sudden the traffic on the OpenJDK mailing lists dropped

About an hour ago we corrected a problem on the Skara server processing external (EG: github) messages.  Message traffic should be flowing again.

Messages for events during the outage are lost.  We will be holding a port-mortem to investigate why this outage was not noticed sooner, and why there was a data loss.


On 7/21/21 14:29, David Holmes wrote:
Hi Christoph,

On 22/07/2021 1:07 am, Langer, Christoph wrote:


there's still no traffic on the mailing lists...

It would be much appreciated if you could share an update on the status.

There was no update to share I'm afraid but it has now been resolved.

It seems likely that the missing mail is gone forever unfortunately.



From: Langer, Christoph
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Subject: GitHub/Mailing list communication defunct?


I just recognized that all of a sudden the traffic on the OpenJDK mailing lists dropped... First I thought it's an issue with my account but looking at the pipermail archives, I don't find any mails after e.g. some time yesterday. And I guess there's still the usual activity on GitHub...

Are you aware of an issue?

Thanks & Best regards

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