Github issues with jdk18u PR pipeline

David Holmes david.holmes at
Sun Feb 20 21:45:49 UTC 2022

Hi Mat,

On 19/02/2022 6:00 am, Mat Carter wrote:
> I have an PR to backprot to 18u [1]
> However the jchecks failed twice

Not jcheck, these are the GitHub Actions (GHA).

> First the test step failed to copy the build artifacts [2]
> Second attempt failed to build due to server issues [3]

The "server" issue is a transient compiler issue we sometimes see in 
builds, and typically indicates the some problem on the build host at 
the time. If there is no build then pre-submit job for the tests will 
naturally fail to be able to download the build.

> Any help appreciated as I'm trying to get this backported from tip -> 18u -> 17u-dev in tiem for 17.0.3 (rampdown is March 1st)

Although the GHA have not run (you can manually re-trigger) the backport 
is marked as clean and ready so can be pushed.


> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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