Integrated: 1584: Require re-review of a PR if the target branch changes

Erik Joelsson erikj at
Fri Oct 7 20:06:19 UTC 2022

On Fri, 23 Sep 2022 17:48:02 GMT, Erik Joelsson <erikj at> wrote:

> This change improves reviewer handling when the target branch of a PR is changed. Currently this only invalidates a review on GitHub, but not on GitLab. With this change the behavior is made uniform. In addition to this, the following new behavior is added.
> 1. When the target branch of a PR is changed, any existing reviews in the Reviewers list will be flagged as "Re-review required (review applies to pull request targeting <branch>)" to make what happened clearer.
> 2. If the target branch of a PR is changed back to a previously targeted branch, any reviews made against that branch may now become valid again (if all other requirements are met).
> Note that changes to and from pr/X branches are ignored, just like before.
> PullRequest::reviews is no longer specifying the order of reviews returned. This order was actually not consistent between implementations and I would rather we use explicit sorts when needed instead of assuming an order.
> I'm not really happy with the placement of the new static method `calculateReviewTargetRefs`, but I couldn't really find a better location, and I really wanted to share this between different `PullRequest` implementations. I think the correct solution would be to introduce an `AbstractPullRequest` common super class, but I didn't want to do this for a single method.
> I have verified this with the new and modified tests, as well as by running against the playground repo(s).

This pull request has now been integrated.

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Author:    Erik Joelsson <erikj at>
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1584: Require re-review of a PR if the target branch changes

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