The bot doesn't add commit comment to the JMH issues

Guoxiong Li lgxbslgx at
Wed Sep 21 07:46:15 UTC 2022

Hi all,

Recently, I submitted a commit to the JMH [1][2] and
found there is no commit comment (like below) in the issue [2].


It often works well because a commit link has been added
when the bot handles the pull request integrated event.

But many pull requests [5] in JMH haven't been integrated by using the
command `/integrate`. The authors which have the commit permission
merge the pull request by using the GitHub UI. It is because there are
only few reviewers to review the code, the authors sometimes need to
merge the pull request by themselves manually without formal review.

In this situation, the problem occurs. Because the command `/integrate`
has not been used, the pull request integrated event is not triggered.
Then the commit link is not added and the status of the issue
is not marked as `Resolved` or `Fixed`. So the authors need to add the
comment or link about the commit to the issue and mark the issue
as `Resolved` manually. Please see [3][4] for an example.

Considering such manual merging will happen in the future, I suggest
changing the configuration of the SKARA bot of the JMH project so that
the commit comment can be added and the issue can be solved automatically.
The related configuration may be `pronly` in the class
If I don't make a mistake, to meet my suggestion, the `pronly` should be

What do you think about it? Any ideas are appreciated.


Best Regards,
-- Guoxiong
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