<Sound Dev> AudioSystem.getMixerInfo() takes about 30 sec to report a gone audio device

marcusl marcus.lauster at gmx.de
Tue Jan 7 06:53:34 UTC 2020

Hi there,

I'm running a Java program under Windows 7 which just fetches the audio
devices via the AudioSystem.getMixerInfo() and checks for a specific device.
This device is a USB audio device. When the device gets plugged into the
computer it takes about 3 sec until it is recognized by the AudioSystem. So
no problem here. But if the device has been unplugged it takes about 30 sec
until this situation is correctly reported by the AudioSystem. This happens
with every USB-device.

So, I just want to ask if this is because of the JVM<->Windows communication
or if there is some timeout hidden throughout the audio system
implementation. I can totally live with the 30 sec if there is no sane way
to reduce this time. But I'm also interested in the "why".

Thanks in advance


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