<Sound Dev> <Beans Dev> IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - Retiring the jdk/client repo next week

Philip Race philip.race at oracle.com
Wed Sep 2 16:53:11 UTC 2020

The client mercurial repo is now read-only and retired.
Also since all our test systems are going down right now for a lab move 
this means no pushes to jdk/jdk either  please  !
Wait until everything comes back on Monday as github at which point 
outstanding code reviews will need
to be re-created as github pull requests.


On 9/1/20, 8:58 AM, Philip Race wrote:
> As per the notifiication last week, as of NOW there should be NO MORE 
> pushes to the hg://openjdk.java.net/jdk/client forest.
> ---
> So accordingly the ABSOLUTE LATEST DROP DEAD time for pushes to 
> jdk/client should be
> >> 9am PDT Tuesday 1st Sept 2020 <<
> ---
> -phil.
> On 8/28/20, 10:53 AM, Philip Race wrote:
>> All,
>> Contingent on Project Skara (ie mercurial ->git / githib) going 
>> active for the JDK project on schedule
>> on 5th September, we intend to retire the jdk/client repo/forest as 
>> part of this transition.
>> In other words, once mercurial is shut down and we move to git there 
>> will ONLY be the main JDK repo
>> and all client pushes will go there.
>> We will be making some internal testing changes which we hope will 
>> help us spot any breakages
>> that pushes cause in time to prevent them making their way directly 
>> into a promoted build but they
>> can't completely replace the manual testing we have been doing, so we 
>> will also be
>> dependent on folks to be extra diligent from now on and not assume 
>> there is a gatekeeper
>> who will spot their mistakes.
>> But we do need some time to "flush" any last changes in client to jdk 
>> before mercurial shuts down.
>> So accordingly the ABSOLUTE LATEST DROP DEAD time for pushes to 
>> jdk/client should be
>> >> 9am PDT Tuesday 1st Sept 2020 <<
>> Anything pushed after that time may be lost forever :-)
>> We'll also  further enforce this as of 9am PDT Wednesday 2nd Sept 
>> 2020 by making the client repo
>> mercurial repo read-only. The 24 hours is to help the integrator/gate 
>> keeper - not for your late pushes,
>> For example if there's a breakage we need to back out before 
>> integrating we might need this.
>> So not even "doc" or "test" changes - nothing please !
>> You may reasonably ask why then Tue/Wed for this if skara is not 
>> transitioning until Sat 5th September ?
>> The answer is that in an unfortunate coincidence of timing we have a 
>> big lab move that begins around
>> 9am PT Wed 2nd September, and all our testing capabilities will be 
>> off-line for several days.
>> So any test jobs submitted after sometime Tuesday won't have time
>> to complete, and the lab move won't be complete until after the skara 
>> transition.
>> Any outstanding reviews that don't make the cut-off will of course 
>> have to be resubmitted as github pull requests
>> and any approvals they may have accumulated will need to be 
>> re-approved. All of this is of course true for
>> folks pushing directly to the mercurial main JDK repo - it is not 
>> related to the client repo retirement.
>> -Phil
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