Project Wakefield announcement and welcome

Philip Race philip.race at
Wed Sep 1 21:59:30 UTC 2021

Hi all,

The project has been recorded in the OpenJDK census :

The email list (to which I sent this)
has been set up pre-populated with the initial committers.
If you are a committer who did not previously have an OpenJDK ID you 
should have received
an invitation to register. Don't ignore it - it will expire in 14 days 
from when it was sent.

We also have a web page 
<> which is still just pro-forma
I'll add something more once we have it :-)

The wiki is also being set up : 

Unlike the Project Page everyone who is a committer will be able to edit 
the wiki

The project repo has not yet been created but is expected to be created 
this week.
I will send a follow up on that once it is done.

I'll also inform the various client lists (forward please do NOT cross 
post !)  of the new mailing list


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