git: openjdk/wakefield: created branch avu/wayland-dev-ogl based on the branch proto_screencast containing 25 unique commits

duke duke at
Sat Oct 15 14:18:51 UTC 2022

The following commits are unique to the avu/wayland-dev-ogl branch:
0c9bbd67: Created stub version of WLToolkit
b359a00f: more stubbing for WLToolkit
cc8e7d1e: more stubbing for WLToolkit, add WLFramePeer
89db5c89: window showing and event loop prototype
eb90129d: Make simple awt window visible
659ea093: Added support for background color. Refactoring
43d6b501: Added 2d surface support
5cc0bfb2: Added stubs for WLTK button peer
dfd5f679: Refactored peers
d5f8602c: Added WLRepaintArea
297303bf: Moved native window management to WLComponentPeer
0e47c875: Implemented heavyweight button rendering
d352fe2b: Fixed child hw component position
27677041: Added JFrame support
77e472ba: Reduced xdg_wm_base protocol version to 1 in order to run under Weston
62b72bee: Text rendering support
78361283: Suppress unused-result warning for libfontmanager
7ed196e3: AWT Robot to support Wayland natively
5f99c93e: Wayland test harness and sample test
87d83f4b: Made it possible for Wayland tests to run in parallel
194bce3a: Added libwakefield source code to the tree
d7a5df34: Improved sun.awt.wl.WLGraphicsEnvironment to support createCraphics()
221ea45b: Let WLToolkit work with DISPLAY unset
0c139967: JBR-4621 Input events support for Wayland
d05fa193: JBR-4621 Implemented key repeat

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