[External] : Re: pure_wl_toolkit branch at OpenJDK

Maxim Kartashev maxim.kartashev at jetbrains.com
Mon Mar 20 13:21:12 UTC 2023

> Unless you plan to also squash old commits into a single one, I don't get
> what you are saying here. And if you do plan to squash it, then you are
> losing history, which for a shared branch like this doesn't seem like a
> good idea. If you really do want to start with a clean history, then you
> might at least consider keeping a backup branch with the existing commits.

Like I said, we understand that re-writing history on a public branch is
generally a bad idea. In this case, it feels like very few people checked
this branch out and certainly none from outside this group have
contributed. So if this group does not object to rewriting history, I don't
see what the problem is.
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