Workshop proposal: Modules, modules, everywhere!

Christian Stein sormuras at
Tue Jan 7 10:04:58 UTC 2020

Java modules are here to stay. Like Generics, their adoption
started slowly. But one day in the future, they'll be ubiquitous.

(a) Let's crawl some data gathered from Maven Central [1] and
examine the current adoption of Java modules since August 2018.
Stuart mentioned this census at Devoxx BE 2019 [2]:

  "Maven artifacts that are module-ready are in the thousands."

As of today, they are 5850. With 1,585 of them being explicit.

(b) I'd like to see a "Java Module Repository" hosted at ... that "one day in the future". Similar
to what Maven Central provides today, but for compiled Java
modules only.

Goal: make "requires org.junit.jupiter.api[@VERSION];" work like
"requires java.logging;" out of the box. Supersede the "database"
generated by [1] and crawled in (a).

(c) What are the plans for "" DSL?

 - Requires with versions? Needed by (b) anyway...
 - Default main-class annotation?
 - Other tweaks or features the Jigsaw team wants to add?

Length: Long
Bio/Blog: [3]



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