Workshop proposal: Unbiasing safepoint based stackwalking

Jaroslav Bachorík jaroslav.bachorik at
Fri Aug 4 08:33:51 UTC 2023

In the context of JVM profiling, historically, only two options were
available: a safepoint-biased, supported stackwalking API (such as JMX,
JVMTI, JDK StackWalker API) and the unbiased, but unsupported and
potentially unsafe AsyncGetCallTrace. Java Enhancement-Proposal (JEP) 435
introduces an update to the platform, aiming to implement a safe,
supported, and non-biased stackwalking mechanism. This modernization will
allow for more precise profiling by eliminating traditional biases and
constraints, providing a more accurate representation of Java application
runtime behavior.

Length: Short

Jaroslav has been working on Java profilers for the last >15 years - first
at Sun, then at Oracle and now at Datadog. He was a member of the
serviceability team, taking care of mostly JMX and all things related.
Recently, he has been spending time working on a profiling library
providing features he wished were provided by JDK/JFR.
He is consulting on the work on JEP 435 where the main developer is
Johannes Bechberger.

Johannes works as an OpenJDK developer at SAP. He is the creator of the JEP
435 proposal, reimagining the AsyncGetCallTrace API and blogging on
profiling topics regularly.

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