Conditional compilation of ZGC

Per Liden per.liden at
Fri May 11 05:58:51 UTC 2018

On 05/09/2018 03:15 PM, Stefan Karlsson wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is the first version of the patch to allow the compilation of ZGC 
> to be turned on and off. This patch passes tier1, tier2, and hs-tier3 
> (except for the test in gcbarriers that need to be updated). This mostly 
> shows that we can build ZGC on Linux x86_64 and Solaris Sparc, and that 
> the other platforms still build without ZGC. It also shows that we don't 
> break the other GCs.

Looks good! The stuff mentioned below can be done as a follow up.


> There are a few changes that we want to do for next version:
> 1) .ad file replace the fatal("ZGC specific code") with 
> ShouldNotReachHere(), and maybe assert that we are running with ZGC.
> 2) Remove the INCLUDE_ZGC from gcCause and gcName, or add INCLUDE_<GC> 
> guards for the other GCs.
> 3) c2_globals.hpp further cleanup. Probably move these flags into a 
> gc/z/c2 directory.
> Cheers,
> StefanK

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