Measuring CPU usage

Alex Elent alex at
Mon Nov 26 18:34:45 UTC 2018


I'm wondering if there are any flags we can pass to ZGC to capture total
CPU used during GC in the GC logs.

Looking for something similar to the "Real" metric that Parallel GC spits
out. More specifically like this:

[2018-11-26T16:50:42.793+0000][248690777ms] GC(8544) Pause Full
(System.gc()) 6872M->757M(12169M) 1830.137ms
[2018-11-26T16:50:42.793+0000][248690777ms] GC(8544) User=3.71s Sys=0.01s

I'm currently using the following Xlog opts:

Thank you kindly!

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