FYI: Defeating Java Class Loaders

Stefan Reich stefan.reich.maker.of.eye at
Thu Nov 29 07:38:43 UTC 2018

Hi fellas. Here's something I've been working on for just about 5 years (or

*Java is great*, but its need for class loaders means it's somewhat hard to
add code at runtime.

*JavaX* <> comes to the solution! I have
implemented an arsenal of tricks that turn Java into something just about
as flexible as JavaScript—while retaining the full power and speed of the
Java VM.

In fact, in JavaX, we write and ship only source code; all compilation is
done on the fly.

We can pretty much do the "holy trinity": maximum speed, complete freedom
of assembly and compact code size—all at once.

Also, JavaX has "zero deployment": Every new line of code you write
anywhere is available everywhere immediately. (If you want that.)

As proof for JavaX's elegance, here's the 27 lines source code
<> of the module below.

!7 <>
sS html = [[
  <img src="#1101435 <>">
  <font size="6">
  Hi. I am a <b>new kind</b> of open-source operating system.
  You can <b>talk</b> to me!
module WelcomeScreen > DynModule
<> {
  visualize {
    ret centerAndSouthWithMargins
    vstackWithSpacing <>(
      fontSize <>(18,
jCenteredLabel <>("What
would you like to do?")),
      fontSize <>(20,
<>("Eat some

  enhanceFrame { minFrameSize
<>(f, 450,
450); }

Looking to fund this now. Please forward, too.


Stefan Reich // Java-based operating systems

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