Zero GC Couldn't Recycle In Time

李木木 lliimmeeii at
Wed Dec 4 02:42:37 UTC 2019

      we recently tried zero gc and jdk11 for our online risk-control
service to replace of G1 and jdk8.It works well during the first week,but
we find the heap memory increase slowly next week,which seems zgc can't
recycle garbage normally because if we call system.gc manually ,the heap
memory will fall back to normal.Besides,when we use G1 with the same code
,we never met this sitation.Have you met this condition before and give me
some advice?

          Following is configuration:
          Linux  64  centos   7.4.1708
          CPU:40Threads, @2.2GHz
          OS Disk:240G(SSD) * 2
          JVM config: -Xmx105g -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+UseZGC
          Service Type:Web Service
          Request QPS:2000
         JDK Version:11.0.3

          Pic1:Available Heap Memory Decrease Gradually During The Second

[image: 11.png]

           Pic2:GC Become Very Frequent  At Last Which Leads To High Usage

[image: 33.png]

           Pic3:First Part: System.gc Is Called Regularly
                      Second Part:Stop Call System.gc Manually,Heap Memory

[image: 22.png]

             Look forward to your kind reply,Thanks!

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