Back-porting of JDK-8230565 to JDK 13

Sergey Tselovalnikov sergeicelov at
Sat Oct 12 02:42:40 UTC 2019


Recently at Canva, we've upgraded a set of servers to JDK 13 and switched
to ZGC. Enabling ZGC has been a great success, it significantly reduced and
required absolutely no tuning.

However, we started seeing SIGSEGVs after running the app for a few hours,
which were very similar to the ones described in JDK-8230565, so we had to
switch back to CMS. The issue seems to be fixed in JDK-8230565, as far as I
can see, it's only going to arrive in JDK 14.

Do you know if there are any plans on backporting JDK-8230565 to JDK 13? It
seems to have resolved multiple similar issues.

Sergey Tselovalnikov

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