ZGC Crash

Erik Osterlund erik.osterlund at oracle.com
Wed Jun 2 16:12:11 UTC 2021

Hi Mike,

Thanks for letting me know. I think I know what might have happened. Will get back to you soon after thinking a bit further.


On 1 Jun 2021, at 17:30, Mike Rettig <mike.rettig at gmail.com> wrote:

>>A very interesting observation is that the last internal exception thrown is the following: /NoSuchMethodError'{0x0000100253de4a20}: static Lcom/company/nums/biz/compiler/VMethRequest;.<clinit>()V> (0x0000100253de4a20) thrown [open/src/hotspot/share/prims/jni.cpp, line 1210]

The NoSuchMethodError exceptions are being reported due to serialization. All the 'clinit' internal exceptions are for objects that are being serialized. The app isn't attempting to create the objects with JNI.

Any other questions that I can help with?


On Mon, May 31, 2021 at 10:13 AM Erik Österlund <erik.osterlund at oracle.com<mailto:erik.osterlund at oracle.com>> wrote:

Mike, in the bug report, we have done some initial analysis now.
Could you please have a look at what we have written in the bug report?
I think we might rely on some further information from you. In
particular regarding the use of JNI to perform method calls. There are a
whole bunch of reported internal errors when looking up jmethodIDs in
the log, that look rather suspicious, with consequences that are hard to
predict without knowing a bit more.


On 2021-05-31 10:48, Stefan Karlsson wrote:
> The bug is now available at:
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8267972
> StefanK
> On 2021-05-28 18:27, Mike Rettig wrote:
>> On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 11:22 AM Erik Osterlund
>> <erik.osterlund at oracle.com<mailto:erik.osterlund at oracle.com>>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Mike,
>>> Thank you for reporting this issue. Do you have a link to the specific
>>> crash report you submitted?
>> I only have the review id. Here is response from my bug report:
>> "We will review your report and have assigned it an internal review ID :
>> 9070442. Depending upon the completeness of the report and our ability to
>> reproduce the problem, either a new bug will be posted, or we will
>> contact
>> you for further information."
>> Thanks,
>> Mike

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