Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory() with ZGC

Mike Rettig mike.rettig at
Thu Jun 3 13:44:50 UTC 2021

On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 5:01 AM Per Liden <per.liden at> wrote:

> If I understand your use case correctly, it sounds like the option you
> are looking for is -XX:ZCollectionInterval=<seconds>. This tells ZGC to
> do a GC at least every <seconds> (where <seconds> can be floating point
> number). Since pauses are O(1), this effectively means the same thing as
> "target pause frequency" or "target accumulated pause time per minute"
> but specified in a different way. ZGC would only collect garbage more
> often than ZCollectionInterval if it has already grown the heap to its
> max size and it's still not enough to avoid an allocation stall.
> However, under "normal conditions" it will grow/shrink the heap to a
> size that is enough to meet the ZCollectionInterval goal.
> /Per

My preference is for a "max" number of collections. If I specified the
interval then that would be a min with the actual number of collections
being scheduled + high usage + proactive. However if I disable proactive
then it might be close enough to what I want but it depends on how "High
Usage" collections work. Do "High Usage" collections only consider the
overall max heap (-Xmx) and not the current heap?  If the answer is -Xmx
then it is probably okay, but if it is the current heap then the scheduled
collections are similar to proactive collections in that they just add
unnecessary collections.


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