The Holy Grail: a GC that doesn't need Xmx

Aleksey Shipilev shade at
Thu Sep 2 16:50:26 UTC 2021

On 9/2/21 6:32 PM, alex at wrote:
> I did some playing around. Turns out it's kind of expensive to minimize mem usage when there's
> no young generation.

Yup, it is throughput-latency-footprint tradeoff. Generational would make it much less painful, but 
it would not solve it completely.

> I tried `-J-XX:ShenandoahGCHeuristics=compact` and that didn't actually work very well. My test
> is to set Xmx to 16GB and launch Netbeans. Shenandoah didn't GC often enough, letting mem usage
> shoot up 3x the size of the live set.
One of the things that heuristics sets is -XX:ShenandoahAllocationThreshold=10:

   product(uintx, ShenandoahAllocationThreshold, 0, EXPERIMENTAL,            \
           "How many new allocations should happen since the last GC cycle " \
           "before some heuristics trigger the collection. In percents of "  \
           "(soft) max heap size. Set to zero to effectively disable.")      \
           range(0,100)                                                      \

With -Xmx16G that would mean about 1.6 GB allocated before a GC triggers. Might help to additionally 
lower it for better compaction and even more GC throughput overhead :) This is one of those inputs 
that could be fed into prospective -z.


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