DataBuffer, ColorModels and SampleModels

Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Wed May 9 00:56:43 UTC 2007

There are a number of classes in java.awt.image, 
java.awt.image.renderable, and java.awt.color
that are in many cases, mostly Sun code but have some 3rd party content.
We can distentangle this so its not an encumbrance per se as an entire 
might be which is the case with the others. And we don't particularly 
want to do the
disentanglement if we hear back that in fact its OK ..and we have a 
expectation that is what will happen. But also we couldn't really hold up
JavaOne for this :). So they are left out deliberately for now and 
provided as
'binary' plugs.

BTW we (2D etc) are pretty much "out" at JavaOne this week.


Roman Kennke wrote:
> Again,
>> I'm glancing around the code right now. It's appearing to me that in
>> java.awt.image there are a couple of pieces missing, that is the
>> DataBuffer, ColorModel and SampleModel classes and subclasses.
> Uhm sorry, small mistake here. The ColorModel classes are apparently
> already there, as well as 1 SampleModel and 2 (quite exotic) DataBuffer
> class.
> /Roman

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