DataBuffer, ColorModels and SampleModels

Dmitri Trembovetski Dmitri.Trembovetski at Sun.COM
Wed May 9 07:21:34 UTC 2007

   Hi Roman,

Roman Kennke wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Dienstag, den 08.05.2007, 17:56 -0700 schrieb Phil Race:
>> There are a number of classes in java.awt.image, 
>> java.awt.image.renderable, and java.awt.color
>> that are in many cases, mostly Sun code but have some 3rd party content.
>> We can distentangle this so its not an encumbrance per se as an entire 
>> module/lib
>> might be which is the case with the others. And we don't particularly 
>> want to do the
>> disentanglement if we hear back that in fact its OK ..and we have a 
>> reasonable
>> expectation that is what will happen. But also we couldn't really hold up
>> JavaOne for this :). So they are left out deliberately for now and 
>> provided as
>> 'binary' plugs.
> Thanks alot for the explanation Phil. I'll study the available code then
> and see what could possibly be done about the CMS problems. One quick
> question: The build seems to always pull in the encumbered classes from
> the plug, even if I put in a replacement class in the main tree. Is
> there an easy way (like a list of classes) to disable pulling in certain
> classes? I can't seem to quickly find such a list or something.

   Yeah, you should find it in the appropriate makefiles -
   make/java/redist/Makefile // this one lists all encumbered classes
   make/java/awt/Makefile   // lists closed classes in java.awt.* packages
   make/sun/font/Makefile   // font rasterizer-related stuff
   make/sun/cmm // ? not sure about the name, don't have the workspace here

   The way the build currently works is that there's a target
   in each of those makefiles which extracts the binary stuff
   from the plugs related to the files built from a particular
   directory. The one in make/java/redist/Makefile extracts
   all of them (it's run once when you build the ws from scratch)
   and then you can just rebuild from
   if you added some classes to java/awt/ packages.


>> BTW we (2D etc) are pretty much "out" at JavaOne this week.
> Yeah! I actually was wondering if anybody's already listening on this
> list ;-) Have fun!
> Cheers, Roman

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