DataBuffer, ColorModels and SampleModels

Roman Kennke roman at
Wed May 9 11:41:32 UTC 2007

Hi again,

Am Mittwoch, den 09.05.2007, 00:16 -0700 schrieb Phil Race:
> Roman Kennke wrote:
> > Thanks alot for the explanation Phil. I'll study the available code then
> > and see what could possibly be done about the CMS problems.
> you mean the littlecms code  right? that's separate from these classes.

As mentioned here:

I've been able to build OpenJDK with GNU Classpath's color management
classes. This was really a no-brainer and seems to work fine from my
POV. It also fixes the GRAY->sRGB problem. The other two I couldn't
easily test due to lack of testcases. Also, the OpenJDK code doesn't
seem to ship with testcases for the color package in general, so I
couldn't test the new classes at all (besides some simple programs I
wrote myself and the Mauve suite). Are there any regression or other
tests available for this?

I don't know if this implementation is feasible for inclusion in
OpenJDK. The code is copyrighted by the FSF and is licensed under the
same license as OpenJDK. It's an open source project just as littleCMS
or whatnot. Technically, I think it's attractive because it's a Java
implementation and thus much easier to handle and portable than
littleCMS. If you'd like to test this, the above linked page has a link
to a small ZIP file containing the related classes.


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