DataBuffer, ColorModels and SampleModels

Roman Kennke roman at
Mon May 14 12:15:36 UTC 2007


> Wow...  That's a huge difference.  Did you compare the pixel values 
> between your build, the openjdk build, and the production JRE build?

I did so just now. I bombed the standard jdk6 build with 1000000 random
values and stored the conversion results in a file. Another program
reads in those values and compares it with the same conversion on the
current VM's build. Here are the results:

plain OpenJDK:
average difference from reference: 0.00380017
maximum difference from reference: 0.038417127

OpenJDK with Classpath CMS:
average difference from reference: 0.00280433
maximum difference from reference: 0.0042832294

>   I 
> know the color code isn't straightforward for conversion between a gray 
> and a sRGB color space since I think the gray space is linear and the 
> sRGB one is not.

Yeah right. And apparently the code needs more testing for other
conversions than gray->rgb.



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