[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] CFV: Project sponsorship: XRender Java2D Pipeline

Jim Graham Jim.A.Graham at Sun.COM
Fri Apr 11 05:03:23 UTC 2008

Vote: yes


Phil Race wrote:
> Question: Should the 2D Group sponsor the new XRender Java2D Pipeline 
> Project?
> Please cast your vote by replying, publicly, to this message with either
> Vote: yes
> or
> Vote: no
> as the first line of the message body.
> You may, at your option, indicate the reason for your decision on
> subsequent lines.
> Votes must be cast in the open; votes sent as private replies will
> not be counted.
> The vote will be concluded as soon as there is an absolute majority
> of the eligible voting members, or at midnight UTC Friday 18th April 2008,
> by a simple majority of the votes cast.
> The votes will be tallied and reported to this list
> and to discuss at openjdk.java.net.
> Only Members of the 2D Group are eligible to vote on this decision.
> The current Members are:
> Andrew Brygin
> Brian Burkhalter
> Christopher Campbell
> Jerry Evans
> Jennifer Godinez
> Jim Graham
> Steven Loomis
> Igor Nekrestyanov
> Phil Race
> Dmitri Trembovetski
> Alexey Ushakov

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