[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [PATCH] 6636469: Java Fullscreen Exclusive Mode not working with Xorg server 1.3.0 and above

Dan Munckton lists at munckfish.net
Fri Jan 18 14:10:23 UTC 2008


New patch attached with updates as requested.

Note that I have also moved the logic which ensures single screen only
configs within the "if (usingXinerama)" block below the RANDR version
check. I just feel this is tidier it means that the code path for users
of Xorg server 1.2 and below is exactly as before, and the patch then
only adds support for users of Xorg 1.3 and above and no more.

>    I agree that it'll be hard to create a robust automated
>    test for this bug (and there's plenty of manual tests
>    already, adding a new one won't be of much benefit),
>    so I suggest we skip on regression test for this one.

Ok fine.

One important thing I'd like to bring to your attention is this: so far
I've been testing FSEM mode using my employer's own fullscreen product
[0] and it's been working fine. Today I decided to check using the
DisplayModeTest example from the Java Fullscreen Exclusive Mode Tutorial
[1]. With this app on Xorg 1.3/RANDR 1.2, the mouse cursor is lost after
changing display mode. Sometimes it pops back after a short time, other
times I have to Alt+Tab out and back in to get it back.

So far I've tried explicitly resetting the cursor
(this.setCursor(Cursor.getDefaultCursor()) and adding an extra sync
(Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().sync()) when the mode changes but neither
of these helped any.

I'll see if I can find out more, but would welcome any suggestions as to
why this may be.

Is there a schedule available on the planned dates of Java 6 updates or
OpenJDK promotions/builds? I'm sure someone else asked this question and
was directed to the mail archives but I couldn't find a mail with the



[0] http://www.inquizitor.com/
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