[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Basic Color Management

Dmitri Trembovetski Dmitri.Trembovetski at Sun.COM
Fri Jun 13 17:26:53 UTC 2008

   Have you looked at java.awt.color package?

   java.awt.BufferedImage has a ColorModel with
   ColorSpace describing how to interpret the
   colors, and which may be defined by ICC profile:


Adam Augusta wrote:
> I need to do RGB->RGB, RGB->CMYK, CMYK->RGB conversion using source
> and destination ICC profiles and rendering intents.  As far as I can
> tell, there's no way to do this directly in Java2D or JAI.  My
> understanding is that there are some issues with RGB->CMYK conversion,
> and while the underlying CMM seems to support rendering intents on
> their transforms, none of that is exposed in the documented API.
> I'm about to create a glue layer with JNI and Little CMS, but I wanted
> to see if you had any insight into how I can meet my requirements in a
> pure Java platform.
> -Adam
> PS: The Java2D website directed me here:
> http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/2D/mail/java2d-comments.html
> But when I submitted a comment, I got an e-mail saying the alias is no
> longer in use, and that I should use this list instead.

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