[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Questions about the X11 backend

Dmitri Trembovetski Dmitri.Trembovetski at Sun.COM
Sun May 4 19:18:46 UTC 2008

   Phil is right, the pipeline is still being used
   and is the fastest way to render on the framebuffers
   where it is used.

   As for the MITSHM ifdefs, I believe they are there
   for some licensees who might want to build the
   jdk w/o the MITSHM support. Although I would
   not hazard to guess if it even builds w/o MITSHM
   now, I haven't tried in a while.


Phil Race wrote:
> Jim Graham wrote:
>> Hi Clemens,
>>> 4.) Is DGA still used? I see quite a lot #ifdef's for missing MITSHM
>>> and DGA, but I wonder wether there are still systems without MITSHM,
>>> and the other way round for DGA.
>> I believe it may no longer be in use, but Dmitri would have to answer 
>> to be sure.  It was a Sun-specific API for coordinating talking 
>> directly to the framebuffer with the X11 server.  Since then more work 
>> on the X11 and OpenGL pipelines and the use of MITSHM and the fact 
>> that Sun stopped shipping framebuffers with DGA drivers at some point 
>> made the importance of that pipeline wane...
> Well, still its in daily use on my Solaris 10 SPARC SB2000 with FFB2+.
> So I'm not sure I'd want to ditch DGA quite yet. I think it should stay 
> at least for JDK7.
> -phil.

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