[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Using OpenJDK's FreeType support in a standard Sun JRE

Daniel Dreibrodt daniel.dreibrodt at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 9 08:43:32 UTC 2009


I'm working on the VLC Skin Editor project which provides a WYSIWYG
editor for skin files for the VLC media player. As a part of the preview
rendering I have to draw text in custom fonts on a Graphics2D context.
So far I use the standard java.awt.font mechanisms to do so.

But until JRE 6 java.awt.font still does not support all OpenType fonts.
This will be fixed in JRE 7 I know, but also in antialiasing etc. the
java.awt.font system has of course differences to the way VLC displays
them, as it uses libfreetype.

So I found that in OpenJDK there is an interface to libfreetype which
sounds perfectly fit for my problem. But I want to leave the program
compatible with standard Sun JREs. So my question is what I would have
to do, which classes to copy etc. , to integrate FreeType support from
OpenJDK into my Java application.

Your help is very much appreciated,

Daniel Dreibrodt

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