[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [PATCH] FontManager refactoring, rev7

Roman Kennke Roman.Kennke at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 7 07:58:47 UTC 2009

Hi Phil,

> > 6th round of the FontManager refactoring.
> Can I assume you changed nothing except what you call out here ?


> In which case I'm fine except for one thing :
> >> WPathGraphics.java
> >>
> >> I see you moved the definition of textLayoutIsCompatible in here.
> >> Whilst its used only by this code, its also meaning that updating
> >> that font internal code in the future will affect the printing code.
> >> And the getDirectoryEntry() method isn't public so I'm not sure
> >> how this will work! Ah, I just remembered you said you didn't test
> >> on windows yet. Puzzlement over, this won't build. I'd prefer this
> >> to go back to TrueTypeFont.
> you've resolved this by making getDirectoryEntry() public whereas
> I asked that you move textLayoutIsCompatible back to the font code
> where I believe it belongs.

Ok, you are right. Sorry for not listening ;-) (actually, I just built
the stuff on Windows and fixed whatever it complained about, there have
been a couple of other minor issues and at the point when I came over
this particular issue, I already forgot your advice..)

I moved textLayoutIsCompatible() into FontUtilities (as static method)
and made getDirectoryEntry() package private again. (I also fixed some
warnings in the 3 files I touched, namely unused imports and @Override
annotations as flagged by NetBeans.)

Ok now to push in?


Thanks, Roman

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