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Tue Jun 23 22:20:59 UTC 2009

Il 23/06/2009 23:37, Phil Race ha scritto:

> Ah, everyone must be looking at the old (1.16) lcms that we
> replaced quite a few builds ago. It didn't have the #if macintosh

Whoops... I admit that we depend on a slightly older OpenJDK version, 
and this time I didn't checked the latest code :) I just assumed it was 
unchanged... but...

> But in addition I see it *used* in LCMS.c (2D glue code to LCMS),
> where its relying on this being defined in the make files
> (make/common/Defs-linux.gmk etc) as cited below as are a good number
> of other places in the JDK sources as Mario noted.
> If its really just that then making that test more sophisticated
> (Vxworks aware) might be OK.

exactly :) I would like to make this test more sophisticated. I asked 
for hints because of this:

> I think its going to be painful to change all the rest and most
> of those as most are in medialib code, and that's from another group
> in Sun and I presume followed the conventions of what's in
> the Solaris header files.

The medialib code is more painful. I can sed it quickly (actually I 
already did), question is, who need to define the correct constant? I 
assumed the Makefile passing the define to the compiler? I hope those 
definitions do not depend on something "inherited" by Solaris specific 
headers for example.

So far we use a different build machinery, so I haven't looked at the 
OpenJDK Makefiles yet.

I would do something like this, for LCMS, I would change the use of 
_LITTLE_ENDIAN with __LCMS_LITTLE_ENDIAN, double underscore and LCMS 
seems a nice define, then I'll try to get this upstream too.

To quote Kelly's mail (cross posting and cross mailing, I never did this 
in my life before, wow :)

 > Do you really want to change 362+ lines for this name change?

For the 300+ occurrences in OpenJDK, I would suggest 
__OPENJDK_LITTLE_ENDIAN, or __JDK_LITTLE_ENDIAN. I need to fix this by 
the end of the week anyway :(, so if you then like the patch, you only 
have to take care of the internal defines.

I will not target OpenJDK6 though, I'm only interested in 7 so far 
(speaking for my company, now).

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