[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] More incompatibilities

Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 3 21:24:41 UTC 2009

Hello Roman,

Roman Kennke wrote:
>> The purpose of the tests is to verify that fixes work.
>> So we don't integrate tests in advance of the fix since
>> they would fail. Instead they live in the bug report.
> Ok. Are the testcases of former bug reports of Hiroshi (that have
> already been fixed? Dunno about the miter join bug though.) been
> integrated into OpenJDK?

Any fixes that are pushed will have a test case pushed too
along with it. That's a "big rule". The miter line join fix
hasn't been pushed yet. It almost got lost in the email (nice
segue to one of my points below) because it didn't say PATCH.

>> For the cases where where you have a proposed fix, then use bugzilla, for
>> the ones you don't submitting each of those tests as a bug report into bugs.sun.com
>> is the right thing to do at the moment.
> Ok. The announcement also says 'contributions from those developers
> without push permissions'. This is interesting, as it excludes people
> like me, who have push access, but I cannot really make use of
> bugs.sun.com either. So I will continue to send emails instead.

I think the intent is that patches should NOT be sent in email,
as bugzilla is now available to track those patches so that they
don't get lost in the email and its easier to see where we are WRT
to integrating contributions.

So you should use bugzilla for submitting patches, even if you
ultimately push them. Patches already in process likely don't
need to be retrospectively added to bugzilla unless you want to
do that.


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