[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] <AWT Dev> [PATCH FOR APPROVAL]: Fix broken build on newer versions of X11 (libXext >= 1.1.0)

Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Tue Nov 3 21:53:45 UTC 2009

Andrew John Hughes wrote:

> My superfluous comment actually referred to the additional request for
> an OpenJDK bugzilla entry.  I fail to see the point of this, given a
> Sun bug ID is still needed to commit.  Most of the bugs there just
> seem to be in danger of bitrotting, and I'd prefer to avoid adding one
> that's just going to be closed fairly swiftly anyway.  It would be
> nice if we could use OpenJDK bugzilla IDs for commits, and thus didn't
> have to hassle Sun employees for Sun bug IDs.  But that still doesn't
> seem to have been implemented.

Ah .. yes .. well you may be right you don't need that if you
can push it directly. I keep having to look up that part of the
process myself. But IIIRC theory its supposed to be used to submit
patches, not report bugs (sans patch), and you had a patch, which
is why I suggested it.

>>> Is the patch ok?  If so, could you please allocate it a bug ID.
>> I overlooked that in your email. But I already asked Jennifer to allocate
>> one.
> Thanks.  I'll push once it's allocated.

Jennifer says she's doing it now.


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