[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Another Xrender bug ..

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Fri Aug 27 23:32:48 UTC 2010

  Whilst SPARC is big-endian the glyph image data is all accessed as 
bytes so I don't
think that can be the problem. But it could be the image format isn't right.
Like ARGB is being used and the server expects RGB ?


On 8/27/2010 1:43 PM, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> On 27 August 2010 21:25, Clemens Eisserer<linuxhippy at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Hi again,
>>>   Any thoughts on this one that just got submitted a few minutes ago?
>>> I'm guessing you don't have a SPARC System with OpenSolaris handy
>>> so I'm just asking for ideas here.
>> The only thing I can think of is the copy code which copies/converts
>> the GlyphInfo image-data into the stream submitted to X, in
>> XRGlyphCacheEntry.writePixelData().
>> I guess the pixel-data I get from the GlyphInfo structure is the same,
>> maybe access using Unsafe is somehow broken or shifted by a byte?
>> For now I assume a fixed oder when uploading the glyph-data (didn't
>> find any docs about it), could it be different on that machine?
> FWIW, SPARCs are big-endian.  Specifically,
> 'The 32-bit SPARC V8 architecture is purely big-endian. The 64-bit
> SPARC V9 architecture utilizes big-endian instructions, but can access
> data in either big-endian or little-endian byte order, chosen either
> at the application instruction (load/store) level or at the memory
> page level (via an MMU setting). The latter is often used for
> accessing data from inherently little-endian devices, such as those on
> PCI buses.' -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPARC
>> Thanks, Clemens
>>> -phil.
>>> *Change Request ID*: 6980378
>>> *Synopsis*: LCD subpixel text has yellow background with Xrender enabled in
>>> jdk1.7.0-ea-b106 on SPARC.
>>> === *Description*
>>> ============================================================
>>> Java Version: 1.7.0-ea-b106
>>> Platform: OpenSolaris 5.11 snv_146
>>> Problems:
>>> When launch Java2Demo/SwingSet2 with Xrender=True or true in b106, you can
>>> see all letters or fonts are marked with yellow color or yellow background,
>>> but disable xrender, it looks normal, no yellow background, please see
>>> attached files for xrender enabled and disabled screen shots for details.
>>> File this bug to make sure that this is not a problem caused by xrender
>>> enabled.
>>> It can be reproducible as alway by the following command:
>>> bin/java -jar -Dsun.java2d.xrender=True demo/jfc/Java2D/*.jar
>>> We have a OpenSolaris 5.11 snv_146 newly installed in lab, the host name is
>>> listed in comments if you want to reproduce it.
>>> The framebuffer in the machine is XVR-100.
>>> *** (#1 of 1): 2010-08-26 21:55:21 GMT+00:00 tao.t.zhang at oracle.com
>>> *** Last Edit: 2010-08-26 22:46:10 GMT+00:00 tao.t.zhang at oracle.com
>>> === *Evaluation*
>>> =============================================================
>>> The background that is yellow follows the rectangular shape of the
>>> individual glyphs. Otherwise everything appears correct.
>>> Seeing this only on SPARC. At this time there's only one system
>>> here with the right hardware/software combination to run XRender
>>> on SPARC so it could be an Xserver side problem.
>>> Its not been seen on Solaris on Intel and it also doesn't occur
>>> on software buffered images, only on XRender surfaces.

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