[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Request for review/OpenJDK6: 6892485: Deadlock in SunGraphicsEnvironment / FontManager

Roman Kennke Roman.Kennke at Sun.COM
Wed Mar 3 15:01:40 UTC 2010

This is the fix for the deadlock problem in
SunGraphicsEnvironment/FontManager backported to OpenJDK6. It is
slightly different from the OpenJDK7 version due to the restructured
font manager, but the basic idea is the same: instead of sync'ing on 2
different lock objects (with the potential of entering the monitors in
the wrong order) we only sync on one (the FontManager class in this
case, was the FontManager instance in JDK7).


Ok to push?

Also, is there any additional stuff that needs to be done for pushing to
OpenJDK6, I never did that and I see that there are not team
repositories. When I have 2 ok's, should I push directly to the
jdk6/jdk6-gate/jdk repository?

Thanks, Roman

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