[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Review request for javax.imageio (Warning Cleanup Day)

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Fri Dec 2 20:55:30 UTC 2011

I've looked over the changes you've made and they seem fine.

Don't feel compelled to fix every warning. The API ones should be left 
Do not suppress the warnings either.

You need a second reviewer and presumably a sponsor.
I've filed bug

7117527 : Fix javac warnings in javax.imageio"

and I hope Andrew Brygin can fill both roles.


On 12/2/2011 12:44 PM, Phil Race wrote:
> On 12/2/2011 12:29 PM, Danesh Dadachanji wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Here's a webrev with cleanup in some classes in the javax.imageio 
>> package. I signed up for ImageReader and ImageWriter but cleaned up 
>> ImageIO as well.
> I don't see you on the wiki
> http://wikis.sun.com/display/OpenJDK/JDK8+warning+cleanup+day+%282011-12-01%29 
>> Bug: Can someone make one please, thanks!
>> Webrev: 
>> http://icedtea.classpath.org/~ddadacha/warnings-cleanup-javax-imageio/
> I've bcc'ed the jdk8-dev on this email, as you should move the review 
> to the appropriate list (2d-dev).
> I don't think we are doing the reviews on the main list, are we ?
>> I've missed a few warnings in ImageReader and ImageWriter. Methods 
>> addToList and removeFromList (and all their calls) give unchecked 
>> cast warnings. I didn't want to change the method signatures but in 
>> doing so, casting the returns of these method calls still leaves an 
>> unchecked warning that I am not able to resolve. I'll try finding a 
>> solution and will submit another webrev once I get further.
> Don't do anything that would mean an API visible change.
> -phil.
>> Regards,
>> Danesh

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