[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] RFR 6870661 : Setting a custom PrintService on a PrinterJob leads to a PrinterException

Patrick Reinhart patrick at reini.net
Mon Jun 17 21:00:20 UTC 2013

Hi Phil,

What irritates me though is the fact, that there is no check for the 
support/not support of 2D printing and also that the PrinterException 
does not reflect the described cases of the spec:

java.awt.print.PrinterException: Invalid name of PrintService.

I can not see any relation to one of the referred cases of the spec:
The spec. for PrinterJob.setPrintService() says :-
> *Throws:*
>    |PrinterException
> <http://docs.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/awt/print/PrinterException.html>|
>    - if the specified service does not support 2D printing,
>      or this PrinterJob class does not support setting a 2D print 
> service,
>    or the specified service is otherwise not a valid print service.
> So an exception is expected.
> If I understand your fix you want to change it so that WPrinterJob simply
> doesn't go down to native so is less specific about what Service it will
> accept? But WPrinterJob is completely tied to Win32PrintService
> and windows native printing. The Windows print dialog for example
> will  know nothing about your service.
> So this seems like not a bug. You should just use javax.print APIs in 
> this case.
Well in my case I had the plan to capture the printer interaction for 
testing reasons instead of using real printers. In my case a 3th party 
product was using the setPrintService() method internally, where I did 
not have the possibility of using the javax.print API in this case. Also 
irritating was the fact, that under Linux the same method call behaved 
not the same, in fact there it worked without any problem. Also it seems 
to be no problem if the print service is of type StreamPrintService 
where it does more or less the same as my supposed fix. So it can not be 
tied that completely to the WIn32PrintService.

Cheers Patrick

> -phil.
> On 6/15/2013 8:19 AM, Patrick Reinhart wrote:
>> Could someone review my fix?
>> http://reinharts.dyndns.org/6870661/webrev.00
>> Cheers
>> Patrick
>> On 06/11/2013 10:32 PM, Patrick Reinhart wrote:
>>> Hi Phil,
>>> I just started looking into this Bug and have already written a test 
>>> to prove a later fix though. As it seems that there missing two 
>>> checks make sure, that the actual PrintService is a instance of 
>>> W32PrintService  before passing it to the native method 
>>> setNativePrintService()
>>> Fix proposal for this bug is as follows:
>>> http://reinharts.dyndns.org/6870661/webrev.00
>>> Can you take a look into it and give me some feedback on it. 
>>> Unfortunally I did not get the Jtreg test running under Windows 
>>> (executing it as plain Java application at least does work)
>>> Cheers
>>> Patrick

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