[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] HiDPIScaledImage and Oracle JDK 7

Konstantin Bulenkov kb at jetbrains.com
Mon Jun 24 09:46:42 UTC 2013

Dear All,


I'm trying to support Retina devices under Oracle JDK (starting from build
1.7.0_40) and I found out that Oracle JDK doesn't provide any support for
HiDPI images. I've described the problem in my blog
http://bulenkov.com/2013/06/23/retina-support-in-oracle-jdk-1-7/ (part 3).
I'll describe the problem shortly here: we (IntelliJ IDEA team) use
BufferedImage objects as a cache for complex and time-consuming painting
operations. This approach works badly on Retina devices because of scaling.
I'm looking for something similar to apple.awt.CImage.HiDPIScaledImage which
works fine with Apple JDK 1.6.*


Any ideas or workaround here?


Thank you.


Konstantin Bulenkov

IntelliJ Platform Front-end Lead

"Develop with Pleasure"

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